Disclaimer: I wrote these Seville posts last summer, but they have been posted in May 2019, when I finally built this website. The posts have been backdated to when they were written. Please forgive their “dear diary,” amateurish style, but I would feel dishonest editing them at this point, as I wrote them in real time during the trip.

After a long several weeks finishing up the school year, Paul and I have finally started our trip! It has rained for days and we had an pre-season tropical depression, but the weather cleared and we have started our trek to Ft. Lauderdale with beautiful weather. An auspicious start!

We are staying at the Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina on SE 17th Street. We last stayed here on our trip to Key West. I chose this hotel because directly across the intercoastal is our favorite hotel, the Hyatt Regency Pier 66. We went to The Lounge there and found Ricardo, our favorite bartender. He was excellent as usual. We also spoke with a couple visiting on a long cruise from Australia. Afterwards, we wandered down to The Pelican, where the mermaid picture was taken. I am starting to decompress from work and I think Paul is, too. I’m tired after a long day of working and traveling, so we will have an early night.

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