Disclaimer: I wrote these Seville posts last summer, but they have been posted in May 2019, when I finally built this website. The posts have been backdated to when they were written. Please forgive their “dear diary,” amateurish style, but I would feel dishonest editing them at this point, as I wrote them in real time during the trip.

We have had all day to spend in Fort Lauderdale, so we started off by checking out the shops and restaurants on Las Olas. Everything was overpriced but we enjoyed looking around, ate at a good Mexican restaurant, and had housemade cookies and cream donuts at another. . We then visited the historic Stranahan House, where Frank and Ivey Stranahan lived as pioneers of Fort Lauderdale. Frank ran the camp where settlers would wait to cross the New River, was the first postmaster of the area, ran the only trading post, and was the banker for the town. Ivey was the teacher, and became the teacher for the local Seminole children. We had an excellent time on a private tour. Afterwards, we went down to Fort Lauderdale beach. We just walked around briefly, but enjoyed people watching before heading back to our hotel.

Leaving out of Miami International Airport! We took an Uber to Miami International Airport. Once we were checked and in the right terminal, we met a couple from Switzerland. Paul found this particularly entertaining, as his DNA has placed him as being probably Swiss. We also met two guys from Iowa who were on their way to fish in Key West. They kept delaying going to their flight, and we all joked that they were going to miss their plane. We are pretty sure they did, because at 10 o’clock, when their plane was supposed to leave, we saw them running down the terminal in a panic. It was pretty funny and we added the guy from Switzerland on Facebook. While we were excited, the idea of a long flight was a little bit daunting because it was important to us that we slept on the flight. I was not feeling well, and had a pretty bad night. However, when we landed we were in Madrid! What a busy day it has been!

Layover in Madrid! We are so close to being in Seville and so exhausted!

We finally got into town. The weather has been great- warm, with no humidity. People say it is hot like Florida, but the weather is gorgeous and much more like a mild Arizona. Everything went smoothly- our baggage, customs, passport check had already been finished in Madrid, getting a taxi and finding our place, and meeting the very kind AirBnB hostess, Maria. We love our apartment. You can view the Giralda outside of our two balconies. There are shops below and we seem to be in the area that has religious shops providing dresses for Saints, statues, and items for masses. We also like the location. Our place is near important sites with the tourist district very nearby, but we are not in the center. We went out to Bar Estrella with Carmen and Spencer and had a great time! They came back with us to our room and we stayed up later than we should, but it was fantastic catching up! Paul and I went to sleep and weren’t sure when we would wake up.

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Out of the taxi and down to find our AirBnB
Dinner at Bar Estrella with Carmen and Spencer