Disclaimer: I wrote these Seville posts last summer, but they have been posted in May 2019, when I finally built this website. The posts have been backdated to when they were written. Please forgive their “dear diary,” amateurish style, but I would feel dishonest editing them at this point, as I wrote them in real time during the trip.

Paul and I slept in late today. I’ve got a bit of a cold, we were out late, and we hadn’t slept for about 24 hours. I woke up and thought we had slept so long that it was 10pm Monday night! I knew it didn’t get dark until then and I could have sworn it was possible that we had slept for over 12 hours.

We got up and got food at a local cafe before meeting Carmen, Grace, and Emma. We wandered around for a while and saw the outside of several major monuments, including the Cathedral. We later got ice cream and met up with Spencer and Ethan.

We all walked to Triana and explored some tile shops. After seeing many beautiful tiles and feeling inspired to create my own tile fountain, I found something much more Americanized but also something that felt very personal: a hand-painted Blues Brothers tile. Those who know Paul and I will know that it’s our favorite movie. Paul is Jake and I’m Elwood, so naturally, we had to buy the tile.

There is also a KKK looking object all around town that it turns out is not the KKK. It’s part of Samanos Santos, which is an Easter celebration dating back to well before the KKK. It’s uncomfortable but interesting. I’m sure I’m not the only tourista taking pictures of these items, as they seem to be everywhere even though it is no longer Easter season.

We later went to a restaurant, Bar Santa Maria. The food is excellent- we had snails and other tapas. Later Carmen and I walked over to the church. Santa Maria is the church that Columbus prayed in before he got on the ship to sail to China/India/La Florida. I found a sign posted on the church prohibiting the playing of soccer on the street, which I found funny, and I have seen several children out playing soccer all around town. We also saw the site of the headquarters of the Spanish Inquisition. We ate a second meal at Las Golondarias. We had an excellent night.

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