Disclaimer: I wrote these Seville posts last summer, but they have been posted in May 2019, when I finally built this website. The posts have been backdated to when they were written. Please forgive their “dear diary,” amateurish style, but I would feel dishonest editing them at this point, as I wrote them in real time during the trip.

Paul and I had a lazy start to the day. We went to a nearby restaurant and had breakfast around 2 PM! We had excellent tapas, café con leche, and I had a great dessert that was very similar to tiramisu, and live musicians were out on the street busking for tips.

We also went into several religious shops, including a religious antique shop. Because Spain is such a Catholic city, there are shops everywhere that sell items that are used during the mass, as well as saint statues, clothing for saints, elaborate rosaries and medallions, and even garments for priests! It’s easy to understand when you wander through the winding medieval streets and encounter church after hidden church how so many people are easily committed not just to Christianity here, but to the traditions that elsewhere might seem outdated and unnecessary. Many traditions are still alive and well after hundreds of years.

We headed over to Carmen and Spencer‘s place, and spent some time there. We passed a series of shops along the way and have decided that tomorrow we will come back. We went with Carmen and Spencer to an antique print store, and later went to a restaurant called Enslava. The food was truly excellent. They have won several awards for the best tapas in town, and are Michelin rated. We made the timing just right so we didn’t have to wait in line, but a lot of people after us were waiting. We wandered as a group and saw several churches as we headed to another restaurant, El Atun, to get cocinas, or small steamed garlic clams.

On the way, we ran into a precession where 40 men were underneath a wooden structure moving some type of shrine back to a different church. Corpus Christi just occurred Thursday, so many Saints representing local churches and other precious objects had been paraded through the streets to City Hall, so they have been moving the objects back to their respective churches.

This item was massive. It was a curved structure made entirely of solid silver and gold, depicting things like communion and the resurrection. It is likely that on top of this object was a statue of a saint, or probably Mary or Jesus, but it was so heavy that the statue had been removed. Carmen and I followed the procession through the streets. It was beautiful, and on a gorgeous night wandering through the streets following after this holy object was quite an experience. The precession has to stop several times to give water to the men underneath, even though they were just going a short distance. I have never seen so much gold and silver in my life!

The clams, once we got to the restaurant, we’re probably my favorite thing that we’ve eaten so far. We departed relatively early from Carmen and Spencer, around 12:30, to try and get a decent nights sleep to prepare for all the sightseeing tomorrow. Before we went home, though, Paul and I walked under the arch where tradition says that going under the arch means you’re married. We also wandered around and looked at the Cathedral at night time. We have our photo shoot at Plaza Espana tomorrow at 6 o’clock. That should prove to be exciting!

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