Disclaimer: I wrote these Seville posts last summer, but they have been posted in May 2019, when I finally built this website. The posts have been backdated to when they were written. Please forgive their “dear diary,” amateurish style, but I would feel dishonest editing them at this point, as I wrote them in real time during the trip.

I didn’t sleep well last night, but wrapping up our packing and getting ready to leave was easier than we expected. I was worried we may have a hard time finding a taxi, but we walked with our bags the two or three minutes down to the Cathedral where we found a long line of taxis. Getting to the airport was easy, but the line to check in had at least two hundred people ahead of us, which made me worry that we would miss our flight. Luckily after waiting about an hour, security was fast and we got to our gate where everything was again disorganized. Nevertheless, we are on our way back to Madrid and on time.

Got to Madrid on time. Passport check was a breeze. Long line at the gate but got on the plane quickly.

Long flight. Nothing to report. Was much easier this time than the overnight flight. We landed in Miami around 3:30. Passport check and customs were again easy, but it took a long time to get our bags. There was a dog to sniff for drugs there that entertained me, as he kept busting people who were bringing Iberian hams and sausages in their luggage, which is perfectly legal but distracting for the dog. We had to check in with American and go back through security, which had at least 500 people in line. While I was again worried about making the flight back home, they again had a drug/bomb dog. This meant that security check went quickly as no one had to take off their shoes or anything because of the dog. He also played with a tennis ball. We finally got to our gate to get home, and our flight was delayed. We were supposed to leave at 5:35. The delay meant that we didn’t leave until about 6:40.

We landed around 8 and mom and dad picked us up, with no trouble finding them or our bags. After a 22 hour travel day (we got up at 5:30am Seville time and landed back in Jacksonville around 2am Seville time), we are exhausted and will likely sleep very well. The journey is over but we had a great experience.

We had an excellent trip, and if you’d like to read more you can either start with Seville Trip Day 1 or go back to the previous post, Seville Trip Day 7.