As some of you may know, Paul and I decided to do a photo shoot when we were in Seville. We wanted to be able to really capture the memories as we were there with our close friends and their three teenagers. It was unlikely we would be able to get great shots of seven people trying to take the photos ourselves, and we also knew that the next time we return, the kids would likely be off in college and all grown up (sniffle). I thought that there might be a reasonably priced photographer in the city, and set about researching.

It turns out that there is a whole industry of just travel photographers! I had assumed previously that a travel photographer worked for a company like Condé Nast or National Geographic. While that’s true, it turns out there are also people who just take photos of your vacation! Typically you hire them for a block of time at a specific location, but since finding out about this incredible service (I mean, who wouldn’t want professional photos of such perfect memories?), I found out that there are also photo walking tours, tours where you learn photography and take your own pictures while they take photos of you, as well as more trendy services like Instawalks (Polaroid photos) and photos of you just taken for your Instagram page!

Luckily, we found PhotoTour Seville online before our trip. They were able to accommodate our large group and charged very reasonable prices.

We were kind of nervous the day we met up with our photographer as we had absolutely no idea what to expect! The experience was wonderful, however! Within a few days we received a preview of all our photos and we chose which ones we wanted edited and officially released to us. We also had the option of purchasing additional photos if we wanted those, too.

Overall, our experience was so great that we will consider other travel photographers for upcoming trips! I truly recommend considering a travel photographer for any once-in-a-lifetime trips and for larger groups!

You can read about our experiences in Seville starting with the post Seville Trip, Day 1, or you can specifically read the day we met with Carlos, our photographer, on Seville Trip, Day 6.