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View from our AirBnB in Venice, Italy!

New to AirBnB?

If you’re new to Airbnb, don’t fret!  The process to sign-up is simple, so whether you’re looking to rent a place to stay or looking to go on one of their experiences, signing up will be a breeze.

Before you sign-up for Airbnb, you should know that they take safety seriously!  Make sure you have a form of ID when you register because you’ll have to provide some type of proof that you’re you!  You’ll also need to put a card on file with them, so have one handy.

Our AirBnB view in Florence, Italy!

Don’t worry that you don’t have any reviews and a rating at the beginning: sometimes you have to be approved by a house owner, but being new is not held against you, and you’ll almost always get approved.  Make sure that at the end of your stay and your experience that you leave an honest review! The reviews are blind, so you won’t be able to see your reviews until you review others first.

Tips for Airbnb:

  • Make sure that you look to see what cleaning or other fees are included with your rental or experience, as sometimes this can drive up the price of that good bargain you think you’ve found.  Also, you can choose to pay the full amount of the rental up front, or divide the fees into two payments! Also, triple check the cancellation policy ahead of time, as that is left up to the Airbnb host.
  • When looking for what to rent, start with your requirements:  how many beds do you need? How many bedrooms (note: this is different than the number of beds!) are required?  Do you need more than one bathroom? What’s the most you want to pay per night? Once you’ve plugged those requirements in, you can use the map to narrow down more carefully where you want to stay.  Come up with a list of three or four options, and then start digging into reviews! Look for key things that might be important to you and your crew. People with bad backs, for instance, should avoid places where the reviews say the beds are uncomfortable!

Photo taken from one balcony looking to the other balcony of our AirBnB in Seville, Spain!

  • Make sure that no matter where you’re going, you have the ability to be contacted before you check-in.  Many people don’t buy international calling plans when traveling abroad, and you’ll likely need to get in touch with the owner of the property in order to check-in.  WhatsApp is a great free tool to text people, but you’ll need to have a service plan or WiFi in order to use it! Ideally, the Airbnb contact will message you after booking, and you can talk directly about any issues like early or late check-in.  Some places will have a lockbox with a code to get in, but you should absolutely be prepared to get in touch with your Airbnb host when you need to check-in!
  • Remember that this is not a hotel, so follow any posted rules in the house, like separating the trash or making sure that you lock up when you leave!  Airbnbs are more comfortable and spacious than a hotel, but you also may need to go to the store and buy toilet paper or other items if they run out. When in doubt, contact your host, follow the posted rules, and be respectful of their home!

Courtyard view of the entrance to our AirBnB in Milan, Italy!

Airbnb can make a trip much more exciting and memorable than a traditional hotel.  If you follow the tips above, you should have no problem getting started as an Airbnb beginner! 

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