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I try to check out new travel apps all the time.  I want to see how to get exactly what I want out of travel, so that might mean the best flight prices, the best hotel prices, or perhaps access to special places to stay.  I have probably 15 or so travel apps on my phone, some of which I use more than others.  But my newest obsession is Hitlist.

When you first get Hitlist, you register your local airport or the airport you’re most likely to fly out of.  I have mine set to JAX here in Jacksonville, FL, but could easily change the airport over to any other place if I felt it would maybe give me a better deal.  When I open the app, it looks like this:

Just to give a sense of context, typically when I try to get to Europe straight from Jacksonville, the prices are well over $1000.  For instance, I got a decent deal from Miami to Milan, Italy, but the same ticket from Jacksonville, which required me to fly through Miami anyway, was about $800 more.  I simply booked a flight to South Florida separately and saved some cash.  But wow!  Do you see there?  A flight to Paris from Jacksonville for $422!  Of course, from JAX this isn’t a direct flight, but it would be hard to beat that price with the combination of, say, the price to fly to NYC and then the price to fly to Paris.

My favorite feature so far is the Weekend Getaways choice.  After clicking, I see a screen like this:

I’m very pleased with those options!  Usually Chicago, for example, is around $300 from Jacksonville.  If I click on Chicago, I see a list of options for upcoming flights at the lower price point:

If those days worked for me, you can be guaranteed I’d be booking.

The app links to other travel apps I already use, like Skyscanner, to click through to find which sites offer which flight at the price point you’re interested in, which is nice and avoids any need to personally look up a large number of flights, as the work can easily be done for you.

In addition, if you create a free account, you can search for specific travel dates and find good deals.  This is a bit cumbersome to do and doesn’t seem to be a main feature of the app, but I like that you don’t have to enter a destination.  (On Skyscanner you can easily search dates, for example, but you have to have a destination in mind or search multiple destinations with separate searches).   I love that I can put in that I’m available to leave this upcoming Friday (alas, not true), and want to return this upcoming Sunday, and let the app calculate where I can fly to and what the price will be.

While I haven’t booked directly through HitList yet, I really love playing with the search features, knowing that I might find a real steal that could give me an excuse to get out of town for a few days.  I highly recommend you download the app!

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