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From LaurenGlobe: If you’re anything like me, you probably love watching shows and movies that encourage travel and make you feel like you’re in another place, living the most lovely life.  The show Downton Abbey makes me feel like booking a flight to England straightaway.  Luckily for me and my family, the new Downton Abbey movie was recently released, and we went to a premiere of the film on Thursday night.  My mother, Sharon, has written a great review of the movie (with no spoilers!) below and an overview of the night.  Enjoy the read, and Paul, if you’re reading this, hide the credit cards as I’m ready to go to the British countryside!

Downton Abbey – The Movie

Last night I attended a special private screening of the Downton Abbey movie, along with my daughter Lauren (aka LaurenGlobe) and my husband Steve.  This event was sponsored by our local PBS station, WJCT and held at the Cinemark Tinseltown Theatre. There were 4 theatres reserved for this showing with a total of 380 in attendance.  This was on the day before it hits the theatres for the general public. The invitation to attend encouraged dressing in Downton attire, and while we did not, I would say probably more than half did.  It was fun to observe the different outfits.  

With the “cast members”

As we entered the event, we were given trivia questions to answer for prizes.  As an avid Downton Abbey person, I thought, “Well, this will be a piece of cake.”  Not so, as there were questions I did not know the answer to! Next, we were ushered to where the hors d’oeuvres and drinks were being served.  There were trays of cheeses, crackers, fruit, finger sandwiches, little savory tart shells, along with a variety of scones and shortbread cookies.  Don’t get any more English than that! Now on to the movie!

The food offerings

First, I want to say that I will not reveal any details of the movie in case some of you have not seen it as of yet.  

Downton Abbey was a series on PBS that lasted for 6 seasons.  Once I started this series, at the urging of my daughter I might add, I was hooked.  Every Sunday night at 9:00 PM I would be in front of the TV waiting to see what was going to happen next in the lives of the Crawley family as well as the staff that took care of them.  When the series ended in 2015, I was sad that this wonderful drama would be no more. Well, I was not the only one. Lots of people worldwide were asking for a movie, and so here in 2019 we have one!

The Downton Abbey movie was a grand cinematic display with lovely aerial views of the beautiful Highclere castle and the English countryside.  All the beloved cast of characters, I had come to love, were back. I won’t go into detail of each one, but two can not be ignored; Violet (the Dowager Countess of Grantham), still had her on-point one-liners and dear Mr. Molesley (valet/footman) – what can I say about him other than he did not disappoint!  The movies’ premise, which is not revealing anything, is that the King and Queen of England are coming to Downton for a visit. What happens prior to their arrival and during their stay, unfolds as only Julian Fellows and his expert writing and storytelling can achieve. He is a master of weaving the serious with the funny with the emotional in such an enjoyable manner.

I highly recommend this movie to anyone that loves Downton Abbey as much as I do.  To those readers that have never seen the series, I would highly recommend it because you will be in for a treat.  There are lots of storylines and events to keep you interested and wanting to come back for more. It is available, right now, to be streamed on Prime and of course, there are always DVDs.  I feel watching the series first is crucial before seeing the movie. Over 6 seasons there is so much back story that makes the characters of Downton Abbey come to life.     

There are already rumors of a second Downton Abbey Movie, but for now, I am satisfied with this one.  Thank you, Julian Fellowes and anyone else responsible for listening to the request of the people and bringing us the enjoyment of another evening at Downton Abbey.

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