One of the special experiences that dad, Paul, and I had on our trip was a photoshoot in Florence, Italy.  Paul and I had a previous photoshoot with PhotoTour Seville in Spain (which you can read all about here).

I should start by saying that I would never have really considered doing a photoshoot.  I don’t pretend to be a model, and while everyone likes to look good, I have a bit of a problem getting to glitzy as it makes me feel self-conscious rather than self-confident.  Still, when we went to Spain there were seven of us, and I knew that we would have almost no good group photos without a third party, so we gave it a shot.  We had a magnificent time.

So, on our trip to Italy, I thought another vacation photoshoot would be a good idea.  Sure, there were only three of us, but Italy has such beautiful architecture (especially Florence), that I knew there was no way I could capture very many or any candid photos with the three of us that looked decent.  I wanted a memento as well as a memory.

Our two fantastic and personable photographers!

This time I booked the experience through AirBnB.  Here is the link to the exact people we used, and I’m so grateful we ended up with them.  None of us are exactly into getting our pictures taken, and they made everyone, including my dad, feel relaxed.  We got some lovely images that I will treasure forever.  If we ever return to Florence (which hopefully, we will), I hope to book with them again.  I can’t properly express to you the value we received and the relaxed, beautiful time that we had.

I won’t go into details of our day, but I do want to share the incredible photos.  Enjoy!