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Valentine’s Day is coming up!  For a lot of people, the holiday is associated with a feeling of dread, but for many others, the holiday is their favorite time of year.  

I’m somewhere in the middle.  I don’t want pressure to have to do these grandiose things every year.  My husband and I try to have Valentine’s Day throughout the year, so we try to keep it low key and just spend time together without a major requirement to prove something to each other.

Still, there are a lot of things we do, on Valentine’s Day and throughout the year, in Northeast Florida that are romantic.  Whether you’re exploring Fernandina Beach, Jacksonville, or St. Augustine, there are so many great things to do as couples.  

To help out those feeling the pressure, and to give ideas to those who want to enjoy their partner all year long, here is a list of ideas for Valentine’s Day in Northeast Florida!

  • Go out on a sunset cruise:  Fernandina, St. Augustine, and Jacksonville offer them (or at least, Jacksonville used to), and being on a boat is such a lovely thing to do together that’s very relaxing.

  • Stay the night on a boat:  This is something I really want to do, and is a great way to find plenty of boats for rent!  The plus side is that they aren’t as expensive as most hotels, and you’ll have a unique experience to share.  If you click on my link to go to Airbnb, you could receive $55 off your first trip (and I get a little credit for my next trip, too)! 

  • Go on a Bahamas cruise:  Have you thought about taking your person out to sea during or near Valentine’s Day?  You’ll have a relaxed, fun experience with food included, and you won’t have to worry about a thing!


  • Go to dinner and a movie at the movies:  Dinner and a movie is a little bit of a date night cliche, but that’s also what makes this idea fun.  If your partner is more of a down-to-earth type who just wants to spend time with you, check out some of the awesome small, independently owned theatres in the region that also sell dinner inside the theatre!  I love splitting a pizza and drinks buried deep in the seat of the theatre beside the one I love!

  • Custom handcrafted jewelry:  If your significant other loves gifts, then perhaps a custom made necklace or ring is right up their ally.  We have so many great local artisans in Northeast Florida who can make something special for you.


  • Stay the night on the beach:  Whether you take that sunset stroll on the beach or not, booking a room directly on the ocean is so relaxing and makes for a really special time together.

  • Stay the night in Fernandina or St. Augustine:  I love my hometown, Jacksonville, and want everyone to visit, but if I’m getting out of town then, sadly, I have to leave my city behind.  Luckily, in Northeast Florida, we have two of the most charming towns in the United States we can escape to in a matter of minutes. We have favorite Bed and Breakfast places in both towns.

  • Speaking of, stay in a Bed and Breakfast:  Jacksonville has some awesome Bed and Breakfast options, especially in the Riverside area!  Both Fernandina Beach and St. Augustine are packed with them, too!


  • Rent an Airbnb in your favorite local community:  We absolutely adore San Marco in Jacksonville, but unfortunately don’t live there.  Renting an Airbnb in San Marco would be an excellent choice for us, and we can walk to all our favorite spots and back home again.  


  • Dinner with a water view:  Maybe you want to eat hot dogs together overlooking the river or dine al fresco at the beach.  We are so fortunate to have water everywhere in Northeast Florida, so take advantage of that and book a table with a beautiful view.

  • Go to a brewery or a winery for a tour and/or tasting:  This can be an evening or daytime event. You’ll learn something AND get to have a beverage!  


  • Check out a concert at our many venues:  Maybe you can get a concert you want on Valentine’s Day itself, but we have some really awesome concert halls here in Northeast Florida and many great artists coming here all the time.  Try to get a seat at a show around or on Valentine’s Day, but if you can’t and your significant other’s favorite band is coming, buy tickets for two as a gift for the holiday.

Daily’s Place in Downtown Jacksonville

St. Augustine Amphitheatre



  • Consider rooftop dining or drinks:  This is pretty straightforward, and at some restaurants like the Cowford Chophouse, you can have rooftop drinks and then move inside for your formal dining experience.

  • Book a photographer at the beach or your favorite spot:  This would be a great idea for newly engaged couples or couples who have been together a long time and are looking for something different to do.  Choose your favorite spot and hire a photographer to take photos of the two of you in the area you both love the most. This is not something you want to surprise someone with on the spot, but you could certainly give this as a gift on Valentine’s Day, or arrange to take the photographs themselves that day.


  • Go for a walk:  Northeast Florida has so much nature right at our fingertips that we sometimes forget about it.  Go to the Arboretum in Jacksonville, to a National Park like Fort Caroline and wander through the woods, to Amelia Island, etc.  You could even consider a day trip to Cumberland Island for a stroll together, watching the wild horses. This is simple and gives the two of you time together.  It is memorable without costing a fortune, and is healthy, too!


  • Go horseback riding on the beach:  There are a few places in the area to do this, and you can book special sunset rides.  If you’re not a beach fan, consider a ride in the woods, or even a horse-drawn carriage ride in St. Augustine or Jacksonville.  

  • Book a spa day:  There are dozens of great, high-quality spas in the region that offer things like couples massages.  If you don’t both want the same type of treatment in the same room, consider a spa that offers pool and hot tub amenities so you can relax together between relaxation!  

What other great Valentine’s Day ideas are out there in Northeast Florida?  Do you ever travel to somewhere special for a unique Valentine’s Day experience?  Comment below!